Flamenco show in Seville, enjoy a unique experience
The best flamenco show in Seville

Visiting Andalusia and not enjoying a flamenco show in the first person is something unforgivable. Whether this Andalusian art is well known or not, it is worth attending a tablao to enjoy a live show. The atmosphere that is created in these places, between the artists and the public, makes it become a very intense experience.

See live how the dancers interpret and move on the stage, allows approaching flamenco in a different way, besides it is a unique opportunity to appreciate many details during the singing and dancing and also to feel the vibrations and energy of the music.

The tablaos are the most recommended places to see flamenco live because they host the most professional performances. To this we must add that many of these places offer other complementary services such as the possibility of having dinner or a drink, while enjoying the performance.

Therefore, the idea of ​​enjoying a flamenco evening of these characteristics is a very suggestive plan, above all, for those people who come for the first time to a flamenco tablao.

Emilio Ramirez 'El Duende' at flamenco tablao in Seville

In a flamenco show, what do you find?

If this is your case, that is, if you have never come to see a flamenco show live and you are not sure about what you will find, we will try to explain it to you.

Flamenco is an art of emotions. Through their lyrics profound feelings are transmitted, whether they be sadness, joy or passion, for example. The central themes usually talk about pain, loneliness, despair, love, anguish, lack of love … In short, emotions.

Such is the importance of feelings in this art, that some of the flamenco styles have names that refer to these feelings as is the case of alegrías and soleá.

But it is not only in the denomination where we can find the emotions, but also in the essence of each flamenco style because they are based on a different type of feeling. For example, cante jondo’ (refers to the most primitive styles of flamenco singing) and the ‘cante grande’ (including the clubs that are considered more solemn) are based on deep and painful feelings. On the contrary, festive songs, as their name suggests, express joy, passion and sensuality.

Depending on the flamenco show you choose, you will be able to enjoy one or the other flamenco styles, but without a doubt you will be able to distinguish the difference between them, a difference that you will appreciate, even in the interpretation of the singer, the guitarist and, above all, of the dancers, both in the performance and in the type of costumes they use.

Another essential in a show of these characteristics is the cast of artists who are part of the flamenco picture. Guitar, singing, dancing and taps are essential elements. Depending on the flamenco tablao you go to, the performance will have more or less artists and will have more or less instruments on stage, such as, for example, the flamenco cajón.

A unique flamenco show in Andalusia

Given that Andalusia is the cradle of flamenco, you will find plenty of tablaos to go to see a live show. If you are going to spend a few days in Seville, at El Palacio Andaluz we have all the elements so you can enjoy a full experience of what this Andalusian art means.

The motives? We have the largest list of artists in Andalusia for a show of these characteristics and our show has been chosen by Spanish Television (TVE) for the international promotion of flamenco.

The show has the rubric of Emilio Ramírez, ‘El Duende’, principal dancer, choreographer and artistic director of this show full of feeling and passion. In addition, this artist is recognized as one of the best flamenco dancers in Spain.

The show, lasting an hour and a half, takes a tour through different styles of traditional flamenco and includes more innovative pieces such as the adaptation to flamenco of the opera ‘Carmen’ by Bizet.

In addition to enjoying a unique flamenco show in Andalusia, at El Palacio Andaluz you can dinner or have a drink while watching the performance. The tablao hosts two daily passes, at 7:00 p.m. and 9:30 p.m., so you can choose how you want to see the show (with dinner or drink) and what time to do it when you buy your ticket.

Feel the passion and energy that transmits a flamenco show is an extraordinary experience. Therefore, if you have not already done so, include a tablao in your ‘pending’ list. It will be the best way to get in direct contact with this art considered as universal.

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