Soleá, a traditional flamenco sytle

flamenco tablao in seville el palacio andaluz

On our journey through the different styles of flamenco, we arrived at the soleá, considered the cante jondo par excellence in the artistic genre. The main features of this art are derived from its musical structure and it is considered as a fundamental style in the conservation of the original beat: combination of a 6/8 […]

The flamenco jaleo

The flamenco jaleo, despite not having much relevance at present, was one of the first genres of this artistic genre, based on styles such as bulerías, soleás and many other styles derived from it. Furthermore, jaleo is also an expression associated with flamenco. They are those gestures and exclamations that accompany dancing, singing or guitar […]

Alegrías, one of the oldest flamenco dance

enjoy a flamenco show in a tablao in sevile

As its name suggests, alegrías (joys) is one of the most festive styles of flamenco. It has its origin in the province of Cádiz, being one of the oldest genres, and many consider it as the most important style. It belongs to the cantiñas family, traditional songs from the province of Cádiz. Alegrías is one […]

Flamenco tour in Seville

flamenco tour in seville

As the song says, Seville has a special color, and part of that chromatic richness that is breathed through every corner of this city, is provided by the flamenco air that runs through its streets. We invite you to take a flamenco tour of Seville, to discover the spaces with the imprint of the artists […]

10 female flamenco singers from Seville that we recommend listening to

female flamenco singers from Seville

That Seville is the birthplace of flamenco is beyond doubt. Many artists have come out of this land who have contributed to the history and evolution of flamenco singing, and whose influence defines it today. Mentioning them all in one post is an impossible feat. In this article, we are going to focus on the […]

Flamenco tangos

flamenco tango

Flamenco tangos is considered one of the basic forms of this artistic genre. There are several types, among which those of Cádiz, Triana, Jerez, Granada and Málaga stand out. It is a cheerful and lively style that, together with the bulería, is part of those recognized as festal styles of this art. There are various […]

The best flamenco singers in Spain

Flamenco is a cultural reference in Spain and perhaps the most internationally recognized artistic genre. Considered Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2010, it is an art that is still very much alive. Although the show is the most attractive dance, the truth is that flamenco singers have a fundamental role, especially, bearing […]

Curiosities of Seville that will surprise you

curiosities of Seville

Seville is history. It’s art. It is culture. It is flamenco. We could continue listing all the benefits that this city has because there are many. Plus, it hides stories you probably don’t know. We have collected some of these curiosities of Seville in this article to bring you closer to the charms of this […]

The saeta, flamenco style of Holy Week

saeta flamenco style of holy week

For flamenco, Holy Week is a time for saetas. It is a moment of complaining, of fervor and of prayer that is made singing at the passing of the processions. In Andalusia, the tradition of singing to religious images dates back several centuries, but the flamenco version of this style is much more recent. The […]

The origin of Holy Week in Seville

holy week in seville

Seville is a city of great cultural wealth, a value that makes it one of the most attractive destinations for thousands of people from all over the world. It is the birthplace of flamenco, it has a wide monumental heritage, it has a rich gastronomy and its festivals are a world reference. Holy Week in […]