Tablao Flamenco El Palacio Andaluz, why do you have to visit it in Seville?

El  Palacio Andaluz is a flamenco tablao in Seville located in the emblematic neighborhood of Macarena. A space that, night after night, gets the public that visits it to enjoy a unique flamenco singing and dancing show in Andalusia. But what activity did this building have before becoming a benchmark of Andalusian art?

What is today a flamenco tablao of reference in the city of Seville was then an important factory of metallic and lithographed packaging of Mr. and Mrs. Gallardo and Núñez, as recorded in the historical archives of Seville.

According to these old documents, this factory made cans of all types and sizes that were used to package a wide variety of products, from olives to oil from different parts of Andalusia, which were sold in the national and international market .

tablao flamenco el palacio andaluz in seville
Tablao Flamenco El Palacio Andaluz was once a packaging factory, as we see in this image.

Why do you have to visit this flamenco tablao in Seville?

The activity of the factory at that time has nothing to do with what the El Palacio Andaluz now has, although the building does retain the façade and aesthetics of the building built in the 19th century.

Once inside, the flamenco tablao keeps the aesthetics of the old Sevillian singer cafes. It has several floors and spaces decorated with Andalusian style and stamp. The main room, type cafe-theater, is wide and with direct view to the stage, which allows to enjoy to the maximum and with detail of an exceptional flamenco show.

On the ground floor, called ‘La Bodega Museo’ is the ‘Museo del Flamenco y Arte Andaluz’, a space that brings together costumes, photos and other elements of Andalusian identity such as the art of wine or equestrian. In this exhibition there is also a recreation of a stand of the April Fair in Seville, with the details and decoration of the same.

The characteristics of the interior of the tablao El Palacio Andaluz create a purely flamenco atmosphere and allow the viewer to taste dishes of Andalusian haute cuisine while enjoying the best flamenco show in Andalusia, with an exceptional staging, so the excitement and fun They are guaranteed.

The cast and the quality of the artists that give life to the flamenco show that celebrates El Palacio Andaluz, two daily passes, make our tablao one of the best places to experience emotion and feel the flamenco genre with capital letters.

El Palacio Andaluz has become a benchmark in Seville, given the quality of the show, chosen by TVE (Spanish Television) for the promotion and dissemination of flamenco art internationally.

The building, the atmosphere and the staging make El Palacio Andaluz an exceptional space to see and feel the purest flamenco. A unique experience that we recommend if you want to enjoy a show designed for the delight of all the senses. Fine Andalusian music, dance, and gastronomy await you at our flamenco tablao in Seville.

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