Enjoy a flamenco show in a privileged environment in Seville

Seville is synonymous with flamenco. This city, cradled by the Guadalquivir, is a benchmark of Andalusian art, which is why when a visitor decides to spend a few days in the sevillian capital, they must include, in their cultural leisure agenda, enjoy a live flamenco show in a tablao from this city.

They are places where a very special atmosphere is created, which allows the direct connection of the viewer with the artists. Any detail is perceived in a different way: the flamenco dress movement, the dancer’s zapateado, the fan flapping, the guitar … It is a unique and highly recommended experience, especially for those who have never attended a live flamenco show.

When choosing an ideal flamenco tablao to meet the flamenco elf and to get excited with the singing, dancing and the Andalusian touch, our recommendation is to visit El Palacio Andaluz. The building is located on Matemáticos Rey Pastor y Castro Street, number 4, former Cruzcampo pavilion at Expo 92, on Isla de la Cartuja, in a privileged and emblematic environment of the Sevillian city.

The Tablao El Palacio Andaluz has an extraordinary location, near the historic center of Seville, in an area with good connections and wide avenues and which is accessed quickly and comfortably from anywhere in the city.

A flamenco tablao on Isla de la Cartuja

Isla de la Cartuja is a place full of history. It is embraced by the Guadalquivir River and that is why it is called an island, although it is not exactly an island. From April 20 to October 12, 1992, celebration of the Universal Exhibition, it became the center of the activity of Seville. It was this event, the one that originated the urbanization of this area in which, previously, it only housed a monastery that gives it its name, a building in which Christopher Columbus lived.

 La Cartuja monastery in Seville

If there was an event that transformed the Sevillian city, that was that of Expo 92, something that was noticed, above all, on the Isla de la Cartuja. This place preserves those pavilions that today give life to the technology park. Spaces such as the Pavilion of Morocco or iconic elements such as the Climatic Ball or the old Pavilion of Cruzcampo are referents of the contemporary architecture of the Spanish capital.

Among the claims found in this area is the aforementioned La Cartuja Monastery, with the Andalusian Center for Contemporary Art, the Navigation Pavilion, the American Garden, the Isla Mágica theme park or the Caixaforum building.

Enjoy a live flamenco show in Seville

It is in this environment that our Tablao El Palacio Andaluz is located in the old Cruzcampo Pavilion. Our visitors can enjoy a unique flamenco show, in a remodeled building that keeps the aesthetics of the old Sevillian cafés cantantes. It has a fairly large main hall, where daily flamenco shows are held, surrounded by boxes with direct view of the stage, which allows attendees to see without problem and detail the performance of our artists, enjoying this universal cultural expression to the fullest.

best flamenco tablao in seville

The room is equipped with the necessary sound and lighting technical means so that the public feels all the energy, strength and art that our flamenco show has, chosen by Spanish Television for the promotion and dissemination of flamenco for its visual quality, its value artistic and for being a model and example of the most entrenched Spanish popular culture.

The change has allowed to expand the capacity and improve the spaces of El Palacio Andaluz, as the exhibition area that houses “The Museum of Flamenco and Andalusian Art” of Seville, with costumes and photos of flamenco artists, as well as other elements and hallmarks Andalusians, such as the art of wine or equestrian art, among others. This area also includes the recreation of a booth of the April Fair, with all the ornaments and utensils, so that the visitor can get an idea of ​​what the environment is like where the traders meet with friends and family to eat, sing and dance .

In addition to the daily flamenco shows, El Palacio Andaluz hosts the celebration of cocktail parties, parties or special events or the organization of activities related to flamenco such as sevillanas classes, talks or fan workshops, shawls and castanets, among other events , services that are also implemented thanks to the new building on Isla de la Cartuja houses more space.

flamenco show at tablao in seville

With this new location, El Palacio Andaluz continues to keep the authentic spirit of flamenco alive and offers perfectly equipped facilities for our visitors to attend a traditional flamenco show in Seville and leave with the satisfaction of having enjoyed a unique experience in our tablao.

If you plan to visit the Hispanic city, you can make your reservation online and choose the type of service that best suits your interests. We will wait for you!

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