The saeta, flamenco style of Holy Week

saeta flamenco style of holy week

For flamenco, Holy Week is a time for saetas. It is a moment of complaining, of fervor and of prayer that is made singing at the passing of the processions. In Andalusia, the tradition of singing to religious images dates back several centuries, but the flamenco version of this style is much more recent. The […]

The origin of Holy Week in Seville

holy week in seville

Seville is a city of great cultural wealth, a value that makes it one of the most attractive destinations for thousands of people from all over the world. It is the birthplace of flamenco, it has a wide monumental heritage, it has a rich gastronomy and its festivals are a world reference. Holy Week in […]

Farruca, a sober and elegant flamenco style

The flamenco styles are the different types of sing

Farruca is one of the most recent flamenco styles and it became popular in the first half of the 20th century. Perhaps it is one of the lesser-known styles for the general public. As with some aspects of this art, its history and origin is not very clear, there are several currents on how it […]

Ana Oropesa, flamenco dancer “expressive and emotional”

Ana Oropesa is a flamenco dancer at El Palacio Andaluz in Seville

When Ana Oropesa started in classical ballet, it was very clear to her. “Mom, I don’t like this, I want to dance flamenco”. And she did it, until she became the flamenco dancer she is today. At the age of four, he began his training, first in various schools and, at the age of twelve, […]

Silvia Reina, a flamenco singer at El Palacio Andaluz

Silvia Reina a flamenco singer in Seville

Before speaking, Silvia Reina was already singing. “This girl has a lot of compass,” said her father when she was a child following the bulerías of Camarón. And he has it. She is a flamenco singer. Something that can not surprise us, if we consult your family tree. Descendant of flamenco singers from the neighborhood […]

Taranto, a flamenco style called ‘cante de minas’

best flamenco tablao in seville

The taranto is a flamenco style that emerged in Almería (Spain), specifically in its mining area, and derives from the taranta. The difference between both styles is that the taranto has compass, something that makes it danceable, being a dance very similar to that of the zambra mora. On the contrary, the taranta is compass […]

Chopi, “I want to be a good flamenco guitarist for dance”

José Ramírez Chopi flamenco guitarist

There are times that we want to be one thing and we end up dedicating ourselves to another. That is what happened to José Ramírez, ‘Chopi‘, who wanted to be a dancer and has ended up being a flamenco guitarist. The trade has changed, but not his passion for this Andalusian art. He is the […]

Emilio Ramírez ‘El Duende’ protagonist of a documentary about flamenco

Emilio Ramírez ‘El Duende’ is the protagonist of the documentary that a Chinese producer has been filming in Spain about flamenco culture, a work that will be released soon in the Asian country. The bailaor (dancer) has been chosen to show how the daily life of a flamenco artist is, both in his personal and professional […]

Visit a flamenco tablao in Seville, a unique experience

best flamenco tablao in seville

If you are going to spend a few days off in the Andalusian capital, include a visit to a flamenco tablao in Seville in your cultural leisure plan. Whether you shudder when you hear some alegrías, a fandango or a bulería, as if you are not very fond of this artistic genre, meeting the ‘duende‘ […]

El martinete, a flamenco matrix ‘cante’

martinete an important flamenco singing

The martinete is one of the main ‘cantes’ (songs) of flamenco and is considered a form of toná. Although its origin is uncertain, most researchers place it in the forges of Jerez, Cádiz and Triana (Seville), places where the Andalusian gypsies used to work, who began to develop these songs. Considered a modality of the […]