Lola Flores, a great flamenco artist

Many artists stand out in this way of life and art. Many are born with this gift and today we wanted to make special mention to the flamenco soul of Lola Flores, a great representative of this genre.

Flamenco is a genre that has its own personality, there are many people who admire this way of seeing the world and to fall in love through singing, dancing and music, including clothing, to any spectator.

Although, there are people who are born with this gift because they are immersed in their person and they manage to exploit this skill as much as possible, so today we refer to the great Lola Flores.

Lola Flores, promoter of flamenco art

Lola Flores was a great flamenco artist.

She was born on January 21, 1923 in Jerez, daughter of Pedro Flores and Rosario Ruiz, with a gypsy mixture, a characteristic that has exploded and transformed the personality of this famous celebrity. With only ten years old, he already went through the bars in his area singing and making a dent.

Artistic trajectory of Lola Flores

In 1940 she settled in Madrid, recording her first album and getting her first roles as an actress in the film Martingala, in which she represented a gypsy girl. His relationship with Manolo Caracol, cantaor with whom he maintained a sentimental and professional relationship, made Lola Flores begin to resonate on a large scale.

Already seated in this genre and slowly becoming an icon of flamenco, Lola Flores creates her own company, “Zambra”, a project she shared with the aforementioned Manolo Caracol.

Taking advantage of the success of the couple, they created films that had a long reach such as Embrujo and La niña de la venta. Taking advantage of his gradual fame, he begins to consolidate his career and record more albums, highlighting “La zarzamora” as one of the most representative songs.

Cesáreo González, an important producer, hired her for several films, as well as for musical tours that led her to sympathize with countries like Mexico, where she shoots the film of “La Faraona” by René Cardona, a name that remains with Lola Flores for all his life.

We also highlight “Pena, penita, pena” by Miguel Morayta and “Limosna de amores”. Little by little he was culminating his art in theater performances and even in television series as “Juncal” in 1989.

In 1957 he married Antonio González, known as “El Pescailla”, a relationship with which he contracted his three children: Antonio, Lolita and Rosario, also involved in music.

The art of this wonderful woman has crossed borders, becoming one of the most important icons of flamenco.

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