5 flamenco artists that you can't miss
Spanish Flamenco Dancer with castanets

Flamenco is an art that is widespread in the world and one of the reasons is the admiration that flamenco artists arouse abroad, an artist that is, without a doubt, one of the foundations on which this musical genre is based.

This discipline has a long history that begins in the eighteenth century, at which time the origin of flamenco is dated. Since then, its evolution has been constant, so much so that, over time, it has been adding new elements and styles, always retaining the hallmarks of an artistic expression of such caliber.

The smooth and elegant movements of the flamenco dancers, accompanied by the special sound of the guitar and by the characteristic complain of the singer, make flamenco artists the creators of endless emotions on stage.

Flamenco artists you must have to see

At present, the pages of flamenco dance continue to be written by large and renowned figures worldwide who, each with their own hallmark, have made this art a way of life. As it is impossible to cite everyone, in this article, we have made a selection that includes five contemporary flamenco artists that you cannot miss because they have been and are references to current flamenco dance, for different reasons. Do you want to know who they are? Ahead!

Joaquin Cortés

Flamenco dancer Joaquín Cortés

The Cordoba dancer and choreographer has played a fundamental role in flamenco dance. Since its inception, its efforts to ensure that this art cal in a wider audience have been more than remarkable, reaching for this to collaborate in films like Flamenco, by Carlos Saura.

His popularity has crossed borders, so much so that in Tokyo, New York and Moscow they have been able to enjoy his spectacular movements, thanks to the flamenco shows he has performed in different corners of the world.

Among the awards he has garnered throughout his artistic career, it is worth noting that in October 1999, UNESCO named him Artist for Peace for his contribution to the preservation and promotion of the folk and artistic heritage of the gypsy people.

In 2009, this same body named its legacy as Intangible Heritage of Humanity, even before this appointment was granted to flamenco art.

Sara Baras

Flamenco dancer Sara Baras

With a long career, Sara Baras debuted at eighteen. Since then, the success of this flamenco dancer has not stopped growing, thanks to her way of understanding flamenco dancing.

The passion he places in each of his performances is more than a sign of identity of the Cadiz who, like Joaquín Cortés, peaks the qualities of this discipline abroad.

In 1998, he opened his own company, Flamenco Ballet Sara Baras. Since then and to date, this artist has presented thirteen shows, all choreographed by her. He has taken his shows to the best theaters in the world, becoming one of the most recognized ambassadors of Spanish culture.

The success and acceptance that their representations have among the public, has allowed their shows to remain for long periods in the cartel of cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, London and Paris, mainly. She is an artist, what can you not miss!

Antonio Canales

Antonio Canales, a flamenco dancerBeing a descendant of a family of artists can mark the life and career of a person. This happened to Antonio Canales, who after seeing how art flooded his life, decided to focus his career on dance.

After taking his first steps as a dancer in the National Ballet, he began his solo career traveling through different points of European geography, participating in numerous creations as the first dancer and countless international galas.

This artist has made his passion, his profession creating his own company, and today he is one of the most renowned flamenco artists on the national scene.

During his career, he has received numerous awards such as the National Dance Award in 1995; He has been an Outstanding Member of the UNESCO CID since 2013; and in 2017 he received the Silver Shoe of the Indanza Association.

Eva Yerbabuena

Eva Yerbabuena, a flamenco dancer

The appearances of this artist in shows as important as the Seville Flamenco Biennial do not cease for the flamenco dancer Eva Yerbabuena.

Thanks to their eagerness to incorporate new trends into traditional dance without taking it away or stop drinking from its purity, they consecrate the choreographer as an essential figure and also necessary to keep innovating within this genre.

This artist formed her own Company in 1998, with only 28 years. Since then he has choreographed a dozen shows awarded with different awards.

He has traveled all over the world, performing in the most prestigious and important stages and in the main theaters in the United States, Chile, Lima or Tokyo, among others.

Yerbabuena’s work, recognized with numerous and prestigious awards, drinks from the teachings of teachers such as: Enrique “El Canastero”, Angustillas “La Mona”, Mariquilla, Mario Maya and Juan García, who taught him choreography and movement in Cuba.

If you have the chance to see it live, do not miss it! It is a luxury to attend a show of this flamenco dancer.

Shoji Kojima

Shoji Kojima, a flamenco dancer from Japon.

The immeasurable love of the Japanese towards the folklore of our country has served so that today we can enjoy artists like Shoji Kojima. At 80, Kojima understands flamenco as more than a feeling.

That was precisely what led him to leave the Japanese country in the mid-sixties to move to Spain to become a flamenco dancer.

He was recognized by the singer Rafael Farina and danced with great flamenco figures like María Martín. Today, it is a reference for many flamenco artists and continues to debut with his own company as a dancer, choreographer and director.

He has participated in numerous shows and flamenco festivals and his career has been recognized with numerous awards.

As you can see, flamenco dancing is still latent in only in Spain, but also in a large number of world map points. Enjoying this art with capital letters and live is a real pleasure, which you can not miss. These flamenco artists are referents, but there are many other flamenco dancers who make this art great every day.

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