5 flamenco artists that you can’t miss

Spanish Flamenco Dancer with castanets

Flamenco is an art that is widespread in the world and one of the reasons is the admiration that flamenco artists arouse abroad, an artist that is, without a doubt, one of the foundations on which this musical genre is based. This discipline has a long history that begins in the eighteenth century, at which […]

Flamenco dance: the movement of arms

Sevillanas is a popular flamenco style in Spain

In flamenco dance, the dancers interpret with the body what the sing transmits, lyrics that are usually loaded with feeling: from the deepest sorrows to moments full of contagious joy. For this to reach the public, the dancers use their body to express all these emotions. The wiggle of the figure is accompanied by movements […]

Flamenco styles, what are they and how to distinguish them?

What are the flamenco styles and how to distinguish them?

To understand what flamenco styles are, it is convenient to remember the basic elements that give life to this original Andalusian art: sing, dance and guitar. It is known as ‘palo’ to each of the styles of sing, that is, to the different modalities that exist and that are grouped differently according to their origin, […]

Flamenco dress: history and origin of this Andalusian dress

Few regional costumes are as recognizable as the flamenco dress or gypsy dress. It is an outfit that reflects the identity of the Andalusian culture, a dress that is present in the traditional festivals and pilgrimages that are celebrated in Andalusia. The flamenco dress, also known as sevillana dress or gypsy dress, is also the […]

What is the flamenco compass?

flamenco para grupos en exclusiva

Expressions like ‘follow the compass’, ‘do not lose the compass’ or ‘how well do you carry the compass’ are typical of flamenco slang. But what is the flamenco compass and what is the importance for the singing, the dance and the music of this art? Let’s start with the principle, to define what is the […]