What is flamenco art?

what is a flamenco art

What is flamenco art? It seems a question with an easy answer, however, flamenco for many is more than just musical genre. Although from the point of view, let’s say ‘formal’ and resorting to the dictionary, it is defined as “said of a cultural manifestation or of its interpreter: of Andalusian popular character and often […]

Enjoy a flamenco show in a privileged environment in Seville

Seville is synonymous with flamenco. This city, cradled by the Guadalquivir, is a benchmark of Andalusian art, which is why when a visitor decides to spend a few days in the sevillian capital, they must include, in their cultural leisure agenda, enjoy a live flamenco show in a tablao from this city. They are places […]

Flamenco: keys to understanding this art

best flamenco tablao in seville

Flamenco is a very rich musical genre that combines a series of elements that characterize it and at the same time differentiate it from other musical styles. Resources such as palms, zapateado, castanets or flamenco cajón, add to singing, dancing and guitar to give life to a style that is recognized throughout the world. As […]