Flamenco styles: Alegrías y Soleá

Flamenco is an art full of emotions, emotions that is perceived from the lyrics of the songs until the interpretation of artists. Examples of how the feelings are present in this Andalusian art found even in the denomination that is given to some flamenco styles: Alegrías (hapiness) and Soleá (loneliness). Only with the name, we can perceive […]

The first flamenco singers in history

Flamenco is an art that transcends borders wherever it goes, it is a way of life and a culture where infinite sensations and emotions are combined. Today we transport you to this world with the first flamenco singers in history.

Curiosities of flamenco that you have to know

Traje de flamenca

In this article, we have decided to compile some curiosities of flamenco, on its origin, history and relevant data with which we want to broaden your knowledge about this art? Do Ready? Take note.

Flamenco singing: history and evolution of this Andalusian art

Cafes singers origin tablao flamenco

The Royal Academy of the Spanish Language defines flamenco singing as the ‘gypsi-like Andalusian song’, so there is no doubt that the gypsy people had much to do with the emergence of this artistic expression, a link that is still alive today.