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Flamenco is not only art, it is also feeling and emotion. From Tablao Cuna del Flamenco, in collaboration with El Palacio Andaluz, we propose that you delve into Andalusian culture and enjoy our online flamenco shows. An art, declared Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO, in 2010, for being one of the most representative cultural manifestations in Spain.

Enjoy the essence of flamenco in capital letters, thanks to our singing, dancing, castanets, guitar and clapping shows that will bring you closer to the more traditional flamenco styles.

Feel the magical atmosphere that is created in an Andalusian tablao and the strong emotional charge that our artists’ performances have. Enjoy the mastery of the dancers, their arm movements, body waddling and the famous ‘zapateos’ according to each flamenco form, always accompanied by the deep voice of the singers and the melody of the guitar.

Fall in love with the colors of the flamenco dresses, the flight of the bata de cola, the spell of the castanets, the fluttering of the shawls, the crunch of the tables … Get excited with the combination of soft and sensual movements that contrast with powerful moments of heels and turns. Dances intense and full of feeling. Sing of complain and joy. Guitar solos…

A tour of the different styles of flamenco

Sensational performances of pure and traditional flamenco shows by eight artists of recognized national and international prestige. Some 20-minute online flamenco shows, in which improvisation and the personal stamp of each performer are not lacking.

Our proposal is that you enjoy the different flamenco styles, through the different shows and imbue yourself with the essence of an art that is universal. From its roots to the most current styles. Let yourself be seduced by our artists and learn about the purity of flamenco through each of these online flamenco shows.

‘Duende Flamenco’ is a tribute to one of the oldest, most complete and traditional flamenco dances, alegrías. A cheerful, light and sensual style. All an invitation to the party and the joy. A show that will awaken your senses, with the “tirititrán, trán, trán”, the disrespect and the fuss.

‘Tacón y Garra’ is a journey through two flamenco styles charged with strength and power. The sober character of the farruca contrasts with the festive style of the tangos. A show of setbacks, changes of pace, brilliant and very expressive movements of our artists.

With ‘Embrujo Flamenco’ you will enjoy one of the most traditional singings of this art, the taranto, and the beat of one of the most popular dances in Seville, the sevillanas. A flamenco show with two different styles. The quejío and the sober singing of the taranto alternate with the festive character of the Sevillanas. Pure art on the tablao. A whole dance of emotions.

‘Raíces Flamencas’ is the return to the deepest sounds, with the flamenco guitar, castanets and the seguiriya as protagonists. It is a look at the history and legacy of this universal art. A trip to the origins. Singing, dancing, clapping, castanets and guitar are linked in perfect harmony so you can enjoy flamenco in its purest form.

‘Esencia Flamenca’ is an amalgam of rhythms, which mixes the clapped palms and various games of mishaps, resulting in a unique flamenco form: the bulería por soleá or bulería al golpe. Tradition and art in abundance thanks to our race artists who will immerse you in a unique environment from the tranquility of your home.

‘Pasión Flamenca’ is soleá, considered by many ‘the mother of flamenco’. A unique and incomparable show that points directly to the senses. Feel the “jaleo”, a combination of three cantes of great tradition: the jota, the fandango and the seguiriya. It vibrates with the complaining of our singers and the strum of the guitar. Get excited with the bravery and expressiveness of our dancers. Discover one of the most traditional styles of Andalusian flamenco.


Shudder with the expertise of Emilio Ramírez ‘El Duende’, Soleá de José, Juan Luis Vega ‘Maera’, José Ramírez ‘Chopi’, Marisa Risu, Antonio Corral, Silvia Reina and Lucas Ortega. They are pure art on the tables. Enjoy its magic and experience the atmosphere of the authentic Sevillian tablao, thanks to the magic of our artists. You will feel that you are in front of them in our tablao.


He is considered one of the best dancers in Spain. He has trained and worked with the leading figures in flamenco dance. He has toured his art on stages around the world and can boast of having ‘tapped’ on stage at the City Center in New York. ‘El Duende’ is strength and power.


She is an elegant flamenco dancer with a presence on the tablao. It is delicacy and passion when dancing. Lover and defender of traditional flamenco. This artist is pure art. We have to see it.


He is a flamenco singer and member of a saga of artists linked to the world of flamenco and bullfighting. He is in love with flamenco, by tradition and vocation. He has shared the stage with great references of this art on stages around the world.


He is a young flamenco guitarist who has trained with guitar benchmarks in Seville. Passionate about flamenco, Chopi is pure feeling in tablao.


She is a flamenco singer, descendant of singers from the neighborhood of San Miguel de Jerez and Triana in Seville. Art is in her veins. She has sung to the royal family of Bahrain and on stage different countries of the world. She “sings and tells.” Transmit. You cannot imagine this artist, you have to listen to her sing.


She is a very temperamental flamenco dancer. It is passion and claw. At the age of six she began to move her hands and has not stopped since. Passionate about soleá por bulería, it is pure feeling on tablao. Her art will not leave you indifferent. You can’t miss it.


He is a ‘chosen’ of flamenco dancing and never imagined himself to be anything other than a flamenco dancer. He has a prolific artistic career that has led him to participate in different companies and flamenco tablaos in Spain. Antonio is passionate about this art and it shows when he dances on the tablao.


Art is part of his life since he was born. This young Sevillian flamenco singer brings his passion for the purest flamenco. Passionate about flamenco singing and with an impeccable technique, it is pure improvisation on stage.

What flamenco show do you want to see?

Choose the flamenco show you want to see and we will direct you to the page of the Tablao Cuna del Flamenco, where you can find out all the details of the show and start the purchase process to see the performance you have chosen.

You can purchase the shows separately or buy the complete pack that includes the six flamenco shows. You choose. Feel the magic of an Andalusian tablao, from any corner of the world.

taranto en el palacio andaluz

'All Flamenco'

We offer you a complete flamenco experience through six pure and traditional flamenco shows. Singing, dancing, guitar, castanets and palms in perfect harmony so that you can get to know and enjoy different flamenco styles: alegrías, seguiriyas, guitar solos and castanets, sevillanas, taranto, soleá, bulería por soleá, farruca and tangos.

Delve into the origins and essence of flamenco with eight renowned artists, who will make you feel as if you were in our Andalusian tablao. Get closer to the Spanish culture. ‘Duende Flamenco’, ‘Tacón y Garra’, ‘Embrujo Flamenco’, ‘Raíces Flamencas’, ‘Esencia Flamenco’ and ‘Pasión Flamenca’ are six flamenco shows with capital letters.

Duration: 120′

Price: 30


'Duende Flamenco'

Get carried away by the beat and immerse yourself in alegrías, one of the oldest, most complete and most traditional flamenco dances. A cheerful, light and sensual style. A whole proposal of party and joy.

Duration: 20′

Price: 7

what is a flamenco art

'Tacón y Garra'

Enjoy the purest flamenco, an evocation to the deep. `Tacón y Garra´ tells you the history of primitive flamenco. It is the union of two flamenco styles with strength and power: farruca and tangos.

Duration: 20′


flamenco show at tablao in seville

'Embrujo Flamenco'

‘Embrujo flamenco’ is taranto and sevillanas. Enjoy a deep style like taranto and the joy of ruffles and the beat of the guitar with sevillanas. Quite a contrast of feelings.

Duration: 20′

Price: 7

Visit a tablao flamenco in Seville

'Raíces Flamencas'

The strum of the guitar, the strength of the castanets and the sobriety of the seguiriya. A composition that will make you live the purity of flamenco, combining the unmistakable sounds of this art with one of the oldest flamenco styles: the seguiriya.

Dancing, singing, castanets, clapping and guitar in an authentic Andalusian tablao.

Duration: 20′

Price: 7

flamenco seville

'Esencia Flamenca'

‘Esencia Flamenca’ is the solemnity and sobriety of the soleá with the festive pin of the bulería. A mixture of rhythms that will awaken your emotions with one of the flamenco styles with the most contrasts: the bulería por soleá or bulería al golpe. Let yourself be carried away by singing, clapping and guitar and feel the atmosphere of an authentic Andalusian tablao.

Duration: 20′

Price: 7


'Pasión Flamenca'

This flamenco show is a tribute to the “mother of flamenco”: the soleá. The solemnity of its lyrics, as well as the deep complaint, will transport you to the purest and deepest flamenco.

‘Pasión Flamenca’ is a return to the origins of this art with the soleá. Feel the passion of our artists on stage, setting the rhythms.

Duration: 20′

Price: 7


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