At El Palacio Andaluz you can see the best flamenco show in Seville. The reason? The tablao has the largest cast of Andalusian flamenco artists for a daily show of these characteristics.

The dance corps consists of 16 people (9 bailaores and 7 bailaores), to which 3 guitarists and 3 singers, of recognized national and international prestige, add themselves. A sensational staging to give life to a pure and traditional flamenco show that is not usual to see in flamenco Andalusian tablaos. A performance that bears the rubric of Emilio Ramírez, ‘El Duende’, principal dancer, choreographer and artistic director of this show full of feeling and passion.

This show has been chosen by TVE (Spanish Television) for the promotion and diffusion of flamenco nationally and internationally, for its visual quality, its artistic value and for being a model and example of the most deeply rooted Spanish popular culture.

What flamenco artists act daily in the flamenco show?

  • Emilio Ramírez ‘El Duende’ Flamenco Dancer

    Emilio Ramírez ‘El Duende’ is considered one of the best flamenco dancers in Spain. Despite his youth, this artist has managed to delight audiences around the world and can boast of having ‘tapped’ on the stage of the City Center in New York.

  • María de Amaro Flamenco Dancer

    María de Amaro is the first dancer in the dance corps of our flamenco tablao. Among the pieces she plays, she highlights her role as in the flamenco adaptation of Bizet’s work, the alegrías and the castanets solo that she represents with one of the guitarists.

  • Juan Luis Vega ‘Maera’ en Flamenco Singer

    Juan Luis Vega, ‘Maera’ is one of the singers who is part of the cast of artists of the Tablao El Palacio Andaluz. ‘Maera’ could not be anything other than an artist or ‘singer to dance flamenco’, as he defines himself.

  • Farina Flamenco Singer

    José Manuel Barrul Jiménez is Farina, a flamenco singer who is part of the cast that gives life to the show that takes place every night at El Palacio Andaluz. An artist who “sings with his own stamp and style” and who has a long professional career that has taken him through multiple national and international stages.

  • Soleá de José Flamenco Dancer

    Soleá de José is one of the flamenco dancers who participates in the daily show of El Palacio Andaluz. An elegant artist with presence in the tablao, who vindicates the role of castanets, an instrument she plays during the show. You have to see her on stage. It is pure art.

  • Antonio Vázquez Flamenco Dancer

    Antonio Vázquez is a flamenco dancer at El Palacio Andaluz. An artist ‘elegant’ and who has cultivated his own style, thanks to the training and experience that counts. Let no one tell you how he dances. You have to see it and enjoy its art in our tablao in Seville.

  • José Ramírez, ‘Chopi’ Guitarist

    José Ramírez, ‘Chopi’, is one of the flamenco guitarists who are part of the cast of artists of El Palacio Andaluz. Although his passion was dancing, one day he decided to try the guitar and there began his idyll with this instrument. He aspires to become a good guitarist for dancing and every night squanders his art in our tablao.

  • Silvia Reina Flamenco Singer

    Silvia Reina is a flamenco singer at El Palacio Andaluz. He began to sing before speaking. Descendant of cantaores from the neighborhood of San Miguel, Jerez de la Frontera, and Triana (Seville).

    An artist with a clean voice. Silvia Reina should not be imagined, we must see her sing.

  • Ana Oropesa Flamenco Dancer

    Ana Oropesa is a flamenco dancer at El Palacio Andaluz. An artist “of race and strength” who is pure feeling on stage. She doesn’t want to be like anyone, she wants to be herself. She feels that flamenco chose her. Blessed choice because we can enjoy the art of this young flamenco dancer every night in our tablao.


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