Pure Flamenco

Discover the essence of flamenco in the most luxurious and elegant country living: in the heart of Seville, the Palace offers a great show with a magnificent cast of award-winning professional artists. All flamenco tradition is concentrated in this demonstration of power, grace and Andalusian art with all the dance clubs: bulerías, soleas, joys, fandangos, sevillanas … accompanied by a gastronomic show of the highest quality.

An unique show in Spain

El Palacio Andaluz presents an unique show in Spain, with the best flamenco dancers of the moment. A Pure and Traditional Flamenco show with an unbeatable 12 minutes long adaptation of the opera Carmen.

This show has been chosen by TVE for national and international promotion of the art of flamenco for its visual quality, artistic value and for being model and example of the most rooted Spanish popular culture.

The largest cast of dancers, guitarists, singers and clappers, many awarded the most prestigious awards in the world of flamenco, performing an unique show in Spain, right in Seville, the birthplace of flamenco. A walk through the different styles of flamenco, bulerias, soleares, fandangos, sevillanas… interpreted by many dancers on stage, where improvisation and a great choreography come together leading to an unusual spectacle.