La Bodega Museum

El Palacio Andaluz has two rooms, one located on the ground floor room called “La Bodega Museum”, which houses an exhibition space, “The Andalusian Flamenco Museum and Art”.

In this space, besides being able to view items, costumes and photos of our show and artists you can see other elements and signs of Andalusian identity, such as ceramics, wine art, equestrian art and even a recreation of a stand of the Fair of April.

The visit to the museum is free for those attending the show for both individuals and groups.

This is a multipurpose hall where they held all kinds of activities, flamenco classes, workshop Seville, workshops fans, shawls and castanets and a host of related Flamenco plus all kinds of celebration activities.

It is an ideal space for meetings, parties and events of up to 300 people cocktail type and capacity of 250 people banquet style.

It is equipped with stage, projection screen of 4 x 2 m and projector, as well as lighting and sound.