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There are millions of reasons why Seville glows with this “special colour” that the Los Del Río sing about and that the whole world talks about today.

There is nothing more emblematic of our beautiful city than the flamenco and the clapping of friends to the Sevillian rhythm surrounded by wine and local food. They are the two pillars of this city and main expressions known by the visitors that want to soak up the culture of Andalusia.

The celebration of festivals and the vitality of the flamenco in the neighbourhoods, peñas (gatherings of musicians) and taverns allow the visitors, as well as establishing contact with the roots of this ancestral art, to enjoy the architectural, cultural, gastronomic and natural heritage of the province. That is why the most unique art of Andalusia is joined with the gastronomy, our flavours and yield of local products which have represented for decades one of the most important sources of wealth for the province of Seville.

There are many routes and plans which inundate Seville of flamenco, such as soups, liquors, wines and flagship products of our land, such as Iberian ham, olives or rice. If you want to experience all of this, you can enjoy the flamenco show and our local food in the city of Seville at El Palacio Andaluz where we give you this opportunity.  You can join our daily shows which take place around our flamenco tablao at our food services:


Tourist Lunch for Groups


Consult these services and enjoy the essence of Seville concentrated into flamenco and food, dancing at El Palacio Andaluz. Discover our special colour in the best atmosphere possible.

You can look at this small sample of our flamenco show from the perspective of some of our visitors: Food and flamenco at El Palacio Andaluz.


In 2010, UNESCO recognised flamenco as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, even though the institutions have been promoting this art for many years now and make it known across the world.  Flamenco and tourism often go hand in hand and now as the number of visitors is increasing so is the demand for the shows.


At Palacio Andaluz we have an important and renowned cast of flamenco artists which deliver their art and passion every day at each of our two shows (19:00 and 21:30), where we offer a show unique in Spain with the best flamenco dancers of the moment.


One of our star artists, “La Chini”, tells us in an interview for RTVE how she entered the world of entertainment and what flamenco feels like. She transmits it at every show at Palacio Andaluz.

The Tablao Flamenco, where feelings vibrate

The flamenco shows are small places where flamenco shows take place . It inherited from the old cafes – singers, was developed in the sixties of the twentieth century throughout Spain, considered the most appropriate to savor an intimate art space, living flamenco in its most natural state.

Its aim has been to offer a show where dance and sing in perfect harmony bind offering the public a flamenco in its purest and most authentic state.

The universal relevance of flamenco will be recognized in 2010 by UNESCO to inscribe in its Representative List of intangible cultural heritage .

The passion for dance and singing springs from the deepest feeling flamingo, making representation on an emotional communication that gets to the viewer an intense and unique way . The live view will facilitate the transmission of the essence of singing and dancing.

The flamenco show will become one of the reference centers Flemish whose importance transcends the rest of the world. Also called “Flemish temples”, will witness the evolution of flamenco and the passage of many artists.

Only in a Tablao it is to be able to feel vibrate the scene of a zapateo, spread by music and dive into the depths of Flamenco in an intimate setting.