Emilio Ramirez El Duende

Emilio Ramirez “El Duende” (Male flamenco dancer). Born in Arahal (Sevilla) in 1982.

His admiration for flamenco dance begins at age 4. At this age, he initiates dance classes at various academies in Arahal and Utrera. At age 12 he starts classes at the school “Las hermanas Villaú de Alcalá de Guadaira,” an institute famous for leading off many well-known flamenco dancers.

There his love grows for dance, receiving great preparation in Flamenco, Spanish and Classical dance, and begins to perform in flamenco festivals and TV programs. He finishes his trainings with other great flamenco masters such as; Manolo Marin, Farruco, Manolete, Antonio Canales, Maestro Granero….

At age 15 he is incorporated as first male figure to the Ballet Alguadaira, dancing in many countries at an international level.

Later he joins the dance company “compañia andaluza de danza, “ with director Jose Antonio Ruiz. Here Emilio had the privilege to share the stage with many grand artists such as; Jose Granero (spanish), Aurora Bosch (classic), Jenesia (classic), Carlos Robles, Antonio “El Pipa”, Alejandro Granados (flamenco), Pilar Lopez (contemporary), Eva “la hierbabuena”, Juana Amaya (flamenco), etc…and was able to travel to many countries, performing productions such as;

ENCUENTROS, from master Alejandro Granado
LA LEYENDA, from master Jose Antonio Ruiz
BODAS DE SANGRE, from master Antonio Gades
COSAS DE PAYASOS, from master Javier la Torre

He performed in the Bienal de Flamrnco 2000 in the theater Maestranza with the spectacle Puntales, directed by Antonio “El Pipa” and in two more Bienales with the Compañia Andaluza.

He has performed in the best theaters of the world, for example The City Center in New York.

In 2004 he leaves the Compañia Andaluza in order to form part of the Centro Andaluz de Danza, performing various projects such as; El Sombrero de tres picos and Café de Chinitas (tribute to Salvador Dalí), working with Esperanza fernandez and Chano Dominguez.
His most outstanding awards are;
> 1º place in the contest, Concurso nacional de arte flamenco de Ubrique, 2010.
> Finalist in Concurso nacional de arte flamenco de Cordoba 2013.
He is recognized as one of the best male flamenco dancers of Spain.

Since 2007 and until present day, he dances in the flamenco club (tablao) “ El Palacio Andaluz.”